ALTKRAFT Marketing Automation Software

Efficient technologies for marketing automation

Targeted advertising on digital channels

Email, SMS, Mobile Push, Web Push

People-Based Marketing

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ALTKRAFT Marketing platform

Unique software solving your user communication and marketing automation.

Thoughtfully created by experienced professionals to engage and re-engage customers.

Track your users interests and activity and achieve better profitability and optimize your business processes.

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Everything is under your control.

The on-premise solution gives uncompromising security of your data. ALTKRAFT can be installed within the company network on your own servers. All data is stored within the organization, that meets the security policy requirements.

Flexible access rights allocation reduce leaks of data, and prevent any accidental but fatal fails.

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Flexible API integration.

Fast integration with websites, CMS, CRM and and third-party services of all kinds.

Database import, export and synchronization in real-time.

ALTKRAFT team at your service to integrate whatever you can imagine.

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ALTKRAFT support provides personal assessment on a case-by-case basis and helps to develop a unique marketing strategy for any business.

Due to wide integration opportunities, ALTKRAFT adapts to your business targets and needs as high as possible.

Everything you need to automate your marketing is under the hood. But if you'd like additional tools just let us know and we develop ones.

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ALTKRAFT doesn’t require any additional commercial software

This avoids extra costs on paid licenses, databases and operating systems.

You have a high level of performance at minimal system requirements for the fixed price.


No limits & restrictions

ALTKRAFT allows to send billions of messages, securely store and fastly process huge amounts of data.

You get high-level performance at minimal system requirements and unlimited scaling.

With no extra costs.

The leading edge of analytics

Highly detailed real-time statistics.

Flexible reports show your target audience specific needs and allow to create effective communication.

Use various statistic metrics. Not only watch your audience but sight it and lead it.

Powerful tools right out of the box

Easy-to-use interface and a wide range of marketing insights.

ALTKRAFT team has over 10 years of experience in the field. This experience help us create a truly effective product.

We understand market needs, we develope to satisfy these needs.

Make customers dive in your product

Master your workflow to create a personalized strategy and involve customers into the unified communicational ecosystem.

A flexible mechanism of workflows helps for processes optimization and increases the business effectiveness.

Bind together various conditions and channels for communication into a single strategy.

Great UI and clever UX

ALTKRAFT interface is optimized for all devices.

It is absolutely possible to monitor all the processes and manage your campaigns no matter what kind of device your hands on.